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GaaLee mpreg?

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Just out of curiosity, how many people here are fans of mpreg?

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32 (29.6%)
It's all right, I guess.
11 (10.2%)
I think it's pretty dumb.
13 (12.0%)
Under the right circumstances.
45 (41.7%)
It's disgusting and shouldn't be done!
7 (6.5%)
I'm asking because a friend and I have been creating kids for the Naruto characters, and some of the kids are products of mpreg. We have Gaara bearing Lee's child, a daughter named Midori (XD), as well as SasuNaru/NaruSasu and IruKaka. I'm just curious to see how people here would react to fanfiction or fanart of mpreg-kids, or if anyone has ideas about how mpreg should work. (We have a fairly technical idea, but for now we're going with the excuse of "They're ninja like that.")

For anyone that's interested, here's what our "mpreg science" entails: basically, a combination of genetic therapy, a "parasite" that creates an artificial womb, and liberal use of Oiroke no Jutsu (or Sexy Jutsu, if you prefer). Between Tsunade and Sakura, using Suigetsu as a preliminary test subject, a parasite is created that allows a man to carry a womb. Since the Sexy Jutsu is purely cosmetic, it would have to be slightly altered under the supervision of the medical nins to make sure that it can create what is necessary; namely, a vagina and cervix to attach to said artificial womb. Then, the "mother" would have his genetic material transferred from a sperm cell into an egg cell that has had its genetic material removed. After this point, the egg can be injected and fertilized normally, or it can be fertilized in-vitro to guarantee that it is viable before being implanted into the womb through the Sexy Jutsu-created vagina and cervix. Both before and during the "pregnancy", the "mother" would have to take hormone supplements to ensure that the baby develops normally. Then, when the embryo has fully developed, a c-section is performed to remove the womb, leaving him just as he was before the pregnancy (except for a scar on the stomach and any other cosmetic problems, such as stretch marks).

Now, granted, this is still in the works, but so far this is pretty much what we've figured out so far. We're kind of pulling in from the manga "Love Pistols" with the idea of the artificial womb, which in that series is created by a worm forced into the anus of the male chosen to carry the child. We also pulled in some ideas from the "Trauma Center" series of video games, with the parasite being inspired by G.U.I.L.T. and Stigma from that series.
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