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Fic: Gift Giving (G, 634 words) - The Browed and the Browless [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sand in Lee's pants

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Fic: Gift Giving (G, 634 words) [Dec. 2nd, 2008|01:53 am]
Sand in Lee's pants


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Title: Gift Giving
Part: 1/12
Rating: G
Notes/Warnings: Preslash, a possibly (<--) deluded Lee. Inspired by Reggie's lists, found here: Reggie's 3rd Annual KakaIru Christmas Festival) because it seems to me there needs to be some LeeGaara for the holidays.
Prompt: Gift Exchange (Traditional List)

Summary: Lee is on a very important personal mission.

"Gaara-sama!" Having caught sight of his target, Lee excused himself from the group of shinobi who had been kindly helping him find his way. They seemed to find his hurry impolite, as they called after him in rather harsh tones, but Lee was not about to miss this opportunity. He had already managed to miss the Kazekage not once or twice, but three times. Every time he thought he would get a chance to talk to the redhead in person, someone had come out to offer him greetings and Gaara had slipped away.

Not this time. Lee smiled at a friendly Sand ANBU trying to wave him down for a chat and then promptly jumped over the masked man.

"Gaara-sama," Lee called again. His theory that the redhead simply hadn't heard him the first time was most likely, as the redhead turned at the sound of Lee's voice. The Leaf jounin narrowly avoided another shinobi in a warm holiday mood and came to a sliding stop in front of the Kazekage. "Happy holidays, Kazekage-sama," Lee offered brightly. From his vest, he pulled out the box and scroll he had been carrying with him for a month, waiting for the next time their paths would cross. He offered them to the redhead.

There was a queer look on Gaara's face, but he waved his hand to stop his people from interrupting their meeting. Lee felt a light blush suffuse his face at the thought that Gaara of the Desert wanted his company all to himself. "What is it?" the redhead asked.

"It's a Christmas present. Well, two of them, actually." Lee held them closer to Gaara and added helpfully, "They're for you." He hadn't thought about it, but considering what he knew of Gaara's past and present circumstances, his two presents might very well be the first the Kazekage ever received. The thought brought happy tears to his eyes.

"Christmas is nearly a month away." The tone was flat, but Lee was not fooled by Gaara's stoicisms. He wiped his tears away, the better to see the sweet, humble look on Gaara's face. There was something very like disbelief on his face, and Lee opened his mouth to assure the redhead that Lee found him worthy of gifts.

Unfortunately, the sign of warding Gaara had used to stay his people didn't seem to work on his siblings. Temari plucked the scroll and box from Lee's hands. "Say 'thank you', Gaara."

Green eyes flashed from the woman back to Lee, and Lee smiled in sympathy, understanding the redhead's consternation at the interloper. Still, Temari was a good big sister, from what Lee had seen, and perhaps Gaara did need guidance in the proper reception of gifts.

"Thank you," the redhead murmured. He reached out and took the gifts from his sister, much to her apparent surprise.

"You are most welcome, Gaara-sama!" Lee bowed low. "And now that you have received these tokens of my affections, I must be on my way. Good day, Temari-san. Until next time, my most magnificent friend and rival!" Another bow for each of them, and Lee shot back through the crowd which had gathered around them. He felt bad, being unable to properly greet and chat with all these fine people, but he was due back in Konoha in two days. The side trip to Suna had taken a little longer than he had expected, what with Gaara being so difficult to track down.

It had been worth it, however. He was sure Gaara would treasure the miniature figure Lee himself had whittled from wood, and he was sure the poetry he had spent hours crafting would be appreciated. Perhaps next time they saw each other, or perhaps by next Christmas, Gaara would deign to give Lee a gift in return.


From: kikundesu
2008-12-03 03:36 pm (UTC)


That was so sweet! I'm all warm and fuzzy inside now...
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[User Picture]From: raegan_1
2008-12-05 05:34 am (UTC)


Thank you! Doesn't Lee just make you happy?
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[User Picture]From: rockleerox93
2008-12-22 01:03 am (UTC)
Me likey
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