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The Browed and the Browless

Love the LeeGaara / GaaraLee way.

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Sand in Lee's pants
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Welcome To "Sand in Lee's Pants" This is a community focused on the Lee/Gaara, Gaara/Lee pairing. Now that you know what this community is for you may decide to join, and plot with us on how to corrupt the world thru the power of Lee/Gaara/Lee...or you may just run away screaming.

If you went with the first choice and decided to go ahead and join then Welcome! Feel free to make your self known to the other members by posting a bit about your self.

If you are a writer or an artist feel free to post your Lee, Gaara or Lee/Gaara/Lee related art for all of us to enjoy. Just include a description and warning (if needed for adult content) that tells us a bit about it, and why we should or should not be looking at it in public *ahem*

You may also post just to be random and break the silence ^^;

Please be respectful of other's opinions and works. I know it goes without saying...but I had to say it anyway just to make sure.

Not that anyone on this lovely comm would either, but just as a ground rule: No thievery. That goes for art (yes, even the stuff off photobucket), fics and ideas. Nobody likes having their stuff ganked. If you got permission to use someone else’s whatever, please make mention to avoid confusion.

Other then that, you have free run of the community, socialise, frolic and be merry!...or lurk...whichever suits you best.

If you have any questions direct them towards cruixe_chan


Why Lee/Gaara?(in no special order)

* Because they complete eachother ( eyebrow wise? )
* Because Lee likes woodland creatures and Gaara looks like one.
* Because Red and Green are complimentary colors ( this is where everyone goes wtf!? )
* Because Gaara's eyes are green much like Sakura's...add a pink wig and a dress and then perhaps...
* Because Gaara could use someone like Lee to bring a little sunshine into his life?
* Because I had far too much time on my hands today.

The Lee X Gaara Love List! information:
Lee X Gaara Love List

Past Contest Winners
Happy Birthday Lee contest
~1st place: lix_arera
~2nd place: redalmond
~3rd place: viiiaxel
~honorable mention: rock_gaara

? Lee and Gaara is browed and browless love! ?

True Love Banner provided by hagane_no

Browed and Browless Love Banner provided by xspin

Gaara x Lee is Hot, Sexy, Dorky Love.


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